All I Wanted

All I wanted when I was four years old was to grow up and have five kids. 

I did grow up (mostly) and I did have five children. Five wonderful kids. Five unique, yet all a special kind of crazy, kids. 

All I wanted today was to take a picture of my children. All five of them. All at the same time. I know, I know - that's asking a lot. I ended up taking a grand total of twenty-four pictures of them. Alex, my resident aspie teen who hates having his picture taken was visible enough for it to count in fourteen of them. Of those fourteen, his eyes were open in seven. 

All I wanted was a nice picture. Of the twenty-four photos, one should be usable, right? Well, ok, one came out fairly nicely, and you can see a good percentage of Alex's face in it:

After that one good shot, approximately seventeen pics in, things rapidly started going downhill. The first glimpse of what was to come is right there in the background with looking-at-his-nose boy:

Then the silliness started:

OK...hang on - what's going on with Coren's tongue? That's a bit frightening. Now where was I? Oh yes...

And then it happened. There was no hope for Zachary. I would have tried to save him, but was having too much fun capturing it all on film, or should I say sd card:

All I ever wanted is right there in those photos - five unique, fun, silly, and slightly scary children who clearly love to strangle each other very much.


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