Thrift Store Thursday: Comfort Edition

Today let's talk comfort. Through the years, different things have meant comfort to me. Lately it's things that soothe my senses. Some of my favorites are my incense burner, pictured below, and my moose coffee mug, both thrift store finds. The scent of coffee wakes me up, while enjoying a quiet moment or two with a mug of coffee soothes my soul. Incense permeating the air calms and centers me as I move through my day.

My kids know enough that, if they're folding the laundry and my Figment night shirt is in the load, it makes its way to my bed right away so I know it's available for me to wear to bed. It won't be long until this particular piece of comfort disintegrates, but until then, I will relish the instant relaxation that comes from slipping into such a comfy garment. 

And then there's the ultimate in comfort. Choosing from a super-soft fabric sleeping bag-turned-comforter and the beautiful comforter cover that covers a comforter that's older than I am is a nightly luxury. 

What are your most comfy thrift-store finds?


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