ADVENTures 2016

As I drove through the night from Connecticut to Pennsylvania to celebrate Thanksgiving with my husband's family, and back again, I had a lot of time to myself as my husband and children slept. Quiet time, lest I wake my sleeping family. 

With peaceful music wafting through the van, I began to pray. I prayed for our safe journey, for the safety of other drivers and their passengers, especially those who veered across the dotted line and back into their lanes, perhaps too tired or distracted. Prayers for friends and family poured out along with those for our community, our country, our world. After praying about things that weighed heavily on my heart, I drove on in silence, opening my heart and my mind to God. Prayers of thanksgiving followed, as the dawn illuminated the myriad blessings in my life. 

As I journey through Advent, I do so prayerfully. 

November 28th: Collide
November 29th: New Start
November 30th: Burdens
December 1st: Rain
December 2nd: Givers
December 3rd: Hugs
December 5th: Wanting
December 6th: Instead
December 7th: The Truth

December 8th: Safety
December 12th: Connecting
December 14th: Ministry
December 15th: Breath
December 16th: Dreams
December 17th: Less
December 19th: Pageant
December 20th: Family


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