They are killing each other. The Council meets to figure out who is to blame, what must be done. Can there be peace when two countries collide?

Through the lens of hate, a situation gets blown out of proportion, someone losing it all as a result. Finding your voice to stand up for the wronged isn't easy. 

Urging others toward peace is nearly impossible when fear and hate are thrown like daggers, judgement overruling love in the process. Sometimes a look to the past can shed light on the future. 

They are being persecuted. One stands strong while the other falters. Another preaches hate while carrying a secret of her own. It is often easier to join the crowd than to risk becoming a victim of hate. 

Hate, feeding on our inclination to fear difference, is strong, but Love is, too. Not gentle and starry-eyed, Love makes us take a look at how we love each other and commands us to stand up to Hate, even if that means putting ourselves on the line. 

This second day of Advent, I pray for the cast and crew of Collide as we do our best to do our best through tech week and two performances of this amazing play. God, thank you for this inspiring group of teenagers who thoughtfully crafted this tapestry of what it is to live in a world of fear, judgement, and hate while striving for peace, acceptance, and love. Please touch their hearts and their minds as they work through their own battles to bring this work to fruition. Please bless the crew with patience, understanding, and the energy to not only complete this production, but to lift up these youth as they struggle with lines or with life this week. Thank you for Collide and its wonderful messages during this time of division and collision in our world. 


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