Days Like Today

It's days like today that I realize I'm not good at sitting still. That I yearn for things to do ... creative things, bookish things, any things other than sitting, doing nothing.

My three youngest and I are hanging out at Epoch Arts for the day, for homeschool picture day this morning and early afternoon and a one act play rehearsal this evening.

It's days like today when I miss my husband and my teen boys. I'd love to be here hanging out with them, enjoying their company. But two of them have to work and the third has no interest in getting his picture taken nor spending an entire day away from home.

It's days like today when I learn again how to stop, breathe, take in the moment. To slow down and enjoy my children's laughter, their questions, and their antics. To enjoy the view. 

Days like today are a much needed reminder that there is joy in lazy days that aren't illness-induced lazy days. That it's ok to not do so much every once in a while. 

Today I will sit back, relax ....and make a list of everything we have to pack for our trip to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving. Because that's what I enjoy doing. And maybe, just maybe, I'll join the children when they watch the Parent Trap. We do have popcorn...

Maybe a day like today is just what I need.


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