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My family knows the torture that is November. Well, how torturous it can be for me, anyway.

Christmas-y things are popping up everywhere. I'm working on the St. Paul Puppet Academy Christmas program, as well as Our Savior Lutheran Church's Christmas Pageant and Interpretive Movement Ministry Christmas performance. I'm planning for our family ADVENTures. 


I'm not allowed to listen to Christmas music or watch Christmas movies until Thanksgiving night!!!

I want to whine about this, but I have no one to whine to but myself, as it's a self-imposed rule. Don't get me wrong - my family members are totally on board with this rule, as I tend to go slightly overboard with the whole Christmas thing. And I do whine anyway. Starting sometime in June or July. 

I can't help it. I love Christmas music. I love Christmas movies...especially the John Denver and the Muppets Christmas Special from my childhood and A Muppet Christmas Carol. And A Family Circus Christmas, How the Grinch Saved Christmas, and...and...and...


I'll instead concentrate on the craziness that is our lives this month. I need to pack for our trip to PA for Thanksgiving, get myself and children to various medical appointments, and we have our last two weeks of Epoch Arts Homeschool Co-op. Eleven out of the next twenty-two days we have Collide rehearsal (Collide is a one-act theatrical production at Epoch Arts in which Zachary and Haley are acting and I am helping). Just this weekend alone, various family members need to be at puppet ministry rehearsal, Collide rehearsal, a Pentatonix concert, worship, two birthday parties, and a four to five hour School of Lay Ministry session. 


And this month I get to work on Christmas gifts for my in-laws, because we do Christmas with them the day after Thanksgiving! I also need to put together a Christmas music CD for our trip home from PA. And find some Christmas movies to bring with us. 

Maybe November won't be so torturous after all...


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