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The most-viewed posts here at Rannygahoots have nearly nothing in common. I suppose that's true because this blog doesn't center around any one topic - it changes as frequently as the thoughts that enter my chaotic mind. 

I present to you Rannyaghoots Top Five Countdown...

5. Where Was God
...When I first read about it, the words Elementary School echoed through my brain. Little kids. Little, innocent kids. My heart and soul ached for the parents who would return home without a child, or perhaps two. They ached for the survivors, the witnesses, those who have to carry on in the face of the unimaginable.

Yet there it was again. Facebook posts and voices on the tv and radio questioning where God was during this horrific event. Why God didn't stop it. How God could have let it happen.
Where was God?
God was...
4. A Most Upsetting Thing 

... Alia was taken aback. TWO moms. Now, don't get me wrong, she knows that families come in all shapes and sizes. She knows families in all shapes and sizes. The thing is, she never thought about the ramifications of having two moms before. The more she thought about it, the more she got upset. Finally, she came to me and expressed how wrong it is. Not how wrong it was that A has two moms, but...
3. Not Just Arthritis 
... So when I say, "I have Psoriatic Arthritis," what I'm saying is, I have a debilitating and sometimes disabling disease the affects every joint in my body, as well as soft and connective tissues, and often makes me feel as if I've been hit by a bus before I even get out of bed in the morning.

It doesn't mean that I'm not an effective parent, caregiver, or friend. It just means I have more tricks up my sleeve than the average person and have more time on my hands for reading, talking, singing, and being silly.

It doesn't mean I'm a miserable, unhappy person. It means that...
2. Mother 
On the corner of the street I grew up on lives a treasure trove of memories...

What's your favorite Rannygahoots post?


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