The heat is killing me. 

I sit here in my beautifully air-conditioned living room and all I can think about is how the heat is going to do me in. I have a house full of children. Said children usually spend a good portion of their day outside. But it's oppressively hot outside and air quality is low. Our normal daily walk is cut incredibly short, as we're all sweaty and sweltering by the time we reach the end of the driveway. It's pathetic.

It's miserable out there. Miserable out there often translates to miserable in here if we're not careful. I stock up on craft items for just this reason. And board games and puzzles. When all else fails, there are forts to build and a "Cafe Theater" to set up. The kids invented the "Cafe Theater" wherein you set up tables and chairs, make popcorn and other snack foods, turn out the lights, draw the curtains, and watch a family favorite, a movie they haven't seen yet, or videos of our eldest kids as babies or of Mama and Daddy's wedding. 

Today is a housework kind of day. None of us feel like cleaning, but it must be done. As we work, I begin devising a plan for a surprise water attack for the olders during naptime and a fantabulous chili nachos and guacamole Cafe Theater night. Perhaps I'll clean off the breakfast bar and we'll start Puzzlepalooza 2013, complete with a new 1000 piece puzzle and several smaller puzzle for those less adept at fitting pieces together. 

The heat wave fun possibilities are endless. Perhaps the heat isn't so bad after all. 


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