Drama Distraction

As I await blood test results from my hepatologist that will decide my fate whilst trying not to google the possible liver issues affecting my life nor obsess over what the probable results mean for my life, I do everything I can think of to distract myself. 

So far I've printed out forms, filled out paperwork, washed the dishes, picked up 127 duplos from the living room floor, read 42 books to children - some of them multiple times, taken a horde of small children out for a walk in the rain, made dinner, watched a movie with my kids, loaded the dishwasher, cleaned up 127 duplos from the living room floor, sorted and folded laundry, put away my clothes, updated my calendar, and uploaded videos from our week at Camp Calumet to youtube. Drama Camp videos. 
So now I present to you a bunch of noble comical Knights and an incredibly adorable bunch of forest animals for your enjoyment...

This being my blog, I feel I can point out that my eldest daughter is one of the Knights (the one that spits on her hands) and my youngest son is the adorable Groundhog. Haley has a passion for drama, and gives up usual camp activities to attend the drama portion of camp. Coren loves drama as well, and Rob and Lorrie Gray of Children's Stage Adventures are wonderful at working with kids of all ages and abilities, including kids with Aspergers like Coren. That they put on a musical play in five days never fails to astound me. 

And so ends day one of distracting myself. I wonder what tomorrow will bring...


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