Teen Two

Two teenagers now dwell here. Two. Teenagers. You are encouraged not to remind me that we're less than two years away from having three teens, lest my head explode. 

Last year I listed Twelve awesome things about Zachary for his twelfth birthday. This year, with my being in a state of shock and dismay at my status as mom of two teenagers, I shall list thirteen things I don't like about my newly minted teen.

1. Zachary is growing up too quickly. I have yet to figure out how he does this. It seems like just yesterday he was an adorable seven year old with long, curly hair down past his waist. Now he's nearly as tall as me and is OLD, which makes me feel oldER than I could possibly be. 

2. His wit is quicker than that of his maternal unit. In my opinion, it's due to Sporadic Artie robbing me of brain function, but in reality he's just a really sharp kid with a lightning fast mind. 

3. Zachary has a better shaved head than I do. This is not fair. He of gorgeous hair who decided to shave it off to become a Borg for Halloween has a lovely shaved head. Mine, not so beauteous. 

4. Zachary is sometimes too patient. There are times at which one of his brothers is not using their superpowers for good, and if I were Zachary I'd be putting them in their place post haste. It takes much more to fluster Zachary than it would a typical child - not to mention his mother. Most of the time. 

5. He doesn't make use of his creativity nearly enough. He can spin a wondrously brilliant tale - I wish he'd take the time to write them down. 

6. Zachary doesn't hug his mother nearly enough. I don't know if it's due to getting older or what, but more hugs would definitely be appreciated. He's an excellent hugger. 

7. Zachary makes me work to hard to come up with blog posts because he's getting so darn old. If he were six, I'd be done with this already.

8. And he makes it difficult to come up with things I don't like about him because he's such a great kid. 

9. Zachary is Alia's favorite family member. This would be wonderful, if it weren't for the fact that I'm her Mama and she's my baby and I'm supposed to be her favorite. No fair!

10. He is going to claim the basement room as his own. I understand his need for space, but it would be so much more fun to make it a lounge for the kids so I could banish send them down there to do crafts or watch a movie when I need some me time. But perhaps he'll let me escape down there sometimes when the kids are driving me crazy ... we could hang out there together plotting our escape from this madhouse ... hmmmm...this may have potential after all. 

11. Zack is much too cute, and knows how to use that to his advantage. Who can say no to those beautiful blue eyes, and to such a great kid? Ok, I can ,as he can assure you, but it's not easy!

12. Zachary will now have a facebook account, so I'll have to try to keep from sharing things like birthday secrets and such and embarrassing him in my posts. Maybe. Actually, probably not, as it's a mother's job to embarrass her teenagers. 

13. <-- That. That number. That's old. A teenager. And not just a teenager - the second teenager in the house. Teen Two, as it were.

So there it is. 

But in all seriousness, Blessed Birthday, my dear Zachary. I love you more than you can imagine, even with your gigantic heart. I hope you have a wonderful day today, even though it will be filled with perhaps more than its usual dose of chaos. 


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