Camp Friend

Camp Calumet is a place to make friends. Alia is very good at making friends. This year at Camp, Alia made a very special friend. This friend ran to greet her and have a conversation with her each time we passed by. They were such good friends that at times it was difficult for them to say goodbye so that we could move on to our intended activities. Often Alia's new friend would run after her, in hopes that she'd notice and stop for one last goodbye. 

On our way to breakfast on our last day of Camp, Alia stopped to chat with her friend one last time before we hit the road. It was most difficult to pull her away that day. She later explained that her new friend had a lot to say, and she somehow learned to speak to her friend as well. She wasn't exactly sure what she was saying, but she was sure it was only good, kind, loving things. 

We never did get her friend's name, but she prays often that her friend is safe and has found other friends who stop for a chat every once in a while. 


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