Twentieth Anniversary

We've known each other for twenty years. Twenty years! It's difficult to believe.

We met in college in 1993, and back then, I never would have guessed that we'd be so close or even still be friends twenty years later. Through depression, health issues, moves, living in different states, living together, and all life has thrown at us in the past twenty years, we've been there for each other. We can tell each other everything and anything, support each other, and aren't afraid to tell each other when we're concerned about each other's choices or wellbeing.

We've known each other longer than we'd been alive when we met. How is that even possible? It can't have been twenty years since two 19 year olds met it a college dorm room. Twenty years since her roommate kicked her out so that my room,ate could move in causing us to be roommates by default. It was one of the best things that happened to either one of us. We quickly became friends - best friends - and have been every since. Through the past twenty rollercoaster years, Renee has been my rock, my shoulder to cry on, the person I can rant to, and my biggest supporter. She has been more family than friend. I can't imagine I've been even half the friend to her as she's been to me. 

We kicked off celebrating our twenty years of friendship at a concert ... outdoors in 90-something degree heat with a 100-something degree heat index. Another adventure to add to shared memories. For Renee, it was fulfillment of a dream older than our friendship. For me, it was a walk down memory lane, as Live's music and my early memories of our friendship are forever intertwined. 

I'm sure this was just one of many new memories we'll make together over the next year and many years to come.

Twenty years ago, I couldn't have imagined that being dumped by our roommates would have planted the seed for a lifelong friendship. I am forever grateful for the beautiful friendship that's blossomed, and that the roots of our friendship run so deep. 


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