The Tale of the Cricket

She came to me, this girl of great imagination, with eyes wide in wonder and hands clasped before her. "I have a cricket!" she exclaimed. 
"How exciting," came my reply, "tell me about it!" 
"It's here, in my hands. Do you hear it?" 
"I can't hear it through your hands, can you open them up so I can see?"
And carefully she opened her fingers, holding her giant cricket up for me to see...

I could tell it was a giant cricket because of the way she held her hand, and she was ecstatic that I acknowledged the enormity of her lovely cricket with my gasp of amazement and words of adoration for such a noble imaginary creature. 

All day long, young Miss M and her cricket played, and often she'd check in with me, showing off her newfound friend. 

So if you run into an adorable towhead with a huge creative spirit, please say only good things about her fanciful friend the cricket. 


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