The View From Here

The view from here is beautiful, wondrous, amazing. 

It's not because of the magnificent White Mountains in the background. It's not the stunningly verdant surroundings or lovely Lake Ossipee down below. 

It's beautiful because I'm experiencing it with my husband and my youngest daughter. 

The wonder lies in every step I was able to take to get there going up the steep way, and then to hike back down again the long way. 

It's amazing because afterwards it was only early afternoon and my body functioned not only through the hike, but through the rest of the day, and the day after, and on to another hike the day after that. 

The view from here is progress. It's healing. It's renewed confidence in my body. It's hope. It's life. 

I stand here praising God; thanking doctor and diagnosis and tumor-necrosis-factor inhibitor; grateful to be sharing this with two of the people I love most in the word.

The view from here is beautiful, wondrous, amazing. 


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