Twelve. Zachary is twelve. 12! That's nearly thirteen, which is a scary thought, and of which he reminds me daily. So, in honor of Zachary's birthday, I shall post twelve awesome things about Zachary.

1. Zachary chooses completely insane friends. This may have something to do with his own state of mind, and a lot to do with his upbringing. His friends, like him, have a great sense of humor, are kind and considerate, and love to play video games.

2. Zachary enjoys confusing people. For example, his name is spelled Zachary. When he shortens it, he spells it Zack. Not Zach. Zack. This has caused many a family member and most friends and acquaintances to misspell Zachary. One family member in particular writes it a different way every time, perhaps on the off chance that one time out of five he'll get it right. 

3. Zachary loves potato chips. Now, there was a period of time we didn't have potato chips in the house. Not a one. Then along came Zachary with his puppy dog eyes that plead for just one bag of chips ... one huge warehouse store sized bag of chips. I, being a fan of eating healthy, am also a fan of the potato chip. Alas, I could not bear to see my poor chip-loving child suffer, so I gave in an invited potato chips back into our lives. 

4. Zachary loves his siblings. Now, he's the second of five, has two younger sisters, brother half his age, and an older brother who happens to have Aspergers. Being in this situation must not be easy, especially since there is essentially no escape from anyone in this small house. Zachary has patience, self control (most of the time), and a true love of his siblings. 

5. Zack is smart. Too smart for my own good sometimes. He must get it from his mother.

6. Zack has an awesome imagination. Whether he's writing a story, inventing a game, or creating a character for a play, he always puts a twist on it that's all his own. Zack can conjure creatures of family lore and make them believable, which is why his younger siblings are always on the lookout for the rannygahoots!

7. Zachary sees the positive in people. He looks at people with eyes of grace and compassion. He sees opportunities to help, not opportunities to hurt. He sees people for who they are inside, not what they look like outside. 

8. Zachary is spiritually insightful. If you ever get the opportunity to have a deep spiritual discussion with him, you may be as amazed as I am at his deep faith and faith-filled point of view. He even spent his birthday evening at church - but that may have been because of the ice cream...

9. Zack is a wonderful caretaker. Whether it's cooking eggs for his siblings for lunch, changing a baby's diaper, reading a book to his little sister, or helping me in myriad ways when my body isn't cooperating, his love for others is apparent in the things he does for all of us. 

10. Zachary sees food as another adventure. From toddlerhood, Zack has been mixing up strange combinations of food, and I do believe he has yet to meet a food he's unwilling to try. We once found a food that Zachary didn't like, and then he learned to like it. He's the first child I ever heard say, "I don't like it, but I'll eat it anyway."

11. Zack is a pyromaniac. That is, he likes to build and tend fires. He's my go-to person if I need a fire and my husband isn't around. I had a difficult enough time lighting matches, nevermind an entire fire. Hopefully he'll continue to use his powers for good.

12. Zachary is my son, which is something I find completely awesome. That I was blessed with this kind, loving, crazy, compassionate, creative child warms my heart every time I see his face. 

Happy Birthday, Zachary! May your thirteenth year of life be filled with joy, adventure, and love!


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