Losing It

You know that moment when you're at the end of your rope - when your rational brain switches off and words are flowing forth from your mouth that are completely insane and unreasonable? That was me tonight. 

Exhaustion, a migraine, and kids who couldn't seem to actually follow the directions that they could repeat back to me conspired to drive me absolutely out of my mind. I'm not sure exactly what I said, but I think it had something to do with getting rid of all of our possessions and living only foods that didn't require cooking. There may have also been something about me running away from home and the kids having to deal with their father for two days while cleaning the house from top to bottom. 

A Very Intelligent Child instead suggested to his siblings that they clean up the living room and dining room, the mess made by not listening, and open windows to let in some fresh air. 

I am happy to report that peace was restored, apologies made, and we did eat cooked food for dinner. 

I can't promise I won't run away, though...


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