Boom Chicka Ra Ra Boom Boom Boom

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm having a wonderful time here at camp. After all, we know that Camp Calumet is all sunshine and rainbows and happy thoughts.

Things were going well upon our arrival at camp, but soon odd things began to happen. First Alia turned into a mermaid.

Then Zachary fell asleep on the beach and woke up to find he'd misplaced his body. 
 After we restored the kids original physical parameters, the laws of physics started working against us.

How would one go about scoring this?

Alia then got infected with some sort of cootie virus by her eldest brother (not pictured, as we seem unable to capture him on film...err... digital whoseymawhatsits) and turned into a monster that was only soothed by blueberries balanced on her face.

 Once the older kids were safely dropped off at Resident Camp and the younger kids tucked into bed in our tent, we figured we could relax by the fire and sip some wine. Thank goodness we remembered the good wine glasses!

Hopefully the rest of our time here at Camp Calumet will be an improvement. How could it not? It is the Best Place in the Universe!!! (According to Coren, anyway.)

Here's to a wonderful week!!!



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