Happy Infusion Day!

The time has come.
The time is now.
Hurry up 11AM! I want my infusion NOW!!!

After two wonderful vacations that proved that Remicade must be doing something for me - and a day of unpacking that totally killed my body - I'm really looking forward to my infusion this afternoon, in hopes that I continue to improve. 

Then why am I having a bit of an anxiety attack over the infusion? 

It must be because I know the risks of taking this medicine and they're scary. Increased risks of getting things that could kill me - or just plain old death. When reading the drug information, I couldn't imagine voluntarily having this stuff injected into my body, yet I find myself doing it. 

It wasn't an easy decision. And yet is was. 

It was a decision for quality of life, perhaps instead of quantity of life.
A choice of mobility and less pain rather than limited mobility and at times unimaginable amounts of pain. 
The best option for slowing down the course of my psoriatic arthritis and the damage it's doing  to my body. 
A choice to LIVE my life, rather than watch it pass me by. 


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