A Most Upsetting Thing

Alia is upset. 

It all started several days ago when a friend of a friend messaged me to see if I'd be available to entertain her adorable eight-month-old two days a week for a couple months. We asked and answered questions, and decided it best that the family of three come for a visit before making a final decision. 

To prepare my kids for the possibility that we'd be entertaining a baby a couple days a week for a while, and for the arrival of guests to our house, I told them about baby A and his moms. 

Alia was taken aback. TWO moms. Now, don't get me wrong, she knows that families come in all shapes and sizes. She knows families in all shapes and sizes. The thing is, she never thought about the ramifications of having two moms before. The more she thought about it, the more she got upset. Finally, she came to me and expressed how wrong it is. Not how wrong it was that A has two moms, but how wrong it is that she doesn't. Why did I marry a Daddy and not a Mommy? Wouldn't life be so much better with two mommies? Not that she doesn't love her Daddy, mind you - and not that his existence isn't integral to her own - but two mommies would be so much better! That she lacks two mommies is A Most Upsetting Thing to her four-year-old mind. 

After our visit with baby A and his parents ... well, after that and the following 24 hours of medical drama (stay tuned!) ... Alia once again spoke of the Most Upsetting Thing. It occurred to her that with two mommies, there might be twice the mamamilk. Now, apparently, I have not only robbed her of the Awesomeness of Two Mommies, but also of the Unlimited Supply Of Mamamilk Snuggles - even though she has always had that anyway. 

I may never be forgiven. 

Alia is sticking to the plans she made months ago - she will have both a husband and a wife. This, apparently is the Best Idea Ever. 


  1. haha. that is a cute story indeed. Amusing how the kids rationalize different aspects of this complicated world.


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