At 10AM the phone rang. My husband, standing next to the phone, answered. It was my sister, asking if we were still planning on going apple picking that day. He said he'd have to get back to her on that - we had a five minute old baby and were a bit preoccupied at the moment. 

I sat in the birth pool, thoughts clouded by birth bliss, cradling my newly born, humongous son in my arms. Ready to dry off and nurse, we were wrapped in a towel and our entourage followed us down the hallway to our bedroom, where we settled in to nurse. But what of his name? It was Daddy's decision. We looked at his round head, his chubby body, and were engulfed in his easy-going energy - Coren Ryu, Crescent Moon Dragon. 

For seven years, you have blessed our life, Moondragon! I love you now, and always, and no matter what!

How does one celebrate such a momentous occasion as the anniversary of one's birth?

If you're a seven-year-old Moondragon, you...

Play with the Bakugan birthday present.

 Make friends with a "Rocky" on the way out for birthday fun.

Stop at Dee's One Smart Cookie to get, and I quote, "The best cupcake I've ever eaten in my whole entire life - and I've eaten a lot of cupcakes!" (Dee's bakery is gluten-free / dairy-free and Moondragon-friendly. The pumpkin maple cupcakes are to die for. )

Go apple picking at Belltown Hill Orchards , and not even miss not getting one of their fabulous apple cider doughnuts, because you've just eaten The Best Cupcake You've Ever Eaten.

Go home to, among other things, have fun eating "apple noodles" produced when using the apple peeler/corer/slicer to prepare apples for dinner.

And, not pictured here, dine on waffles with cooked cinnamon apples for dinner. 

Happy Birthday, my Moondragon!


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