Thar Be Pirates 'Ere!

The scent of mulled cider wafts through the kitchen as a horde of pirates tears through the door on their way in search of buried treasure.

Climbing aboard the pirate ship, they search for clues of its whereabouts.

X marks the spot, and the smallest pirates dig up their treasure.

An array of jewels, tattoos, and shiny things now adorning their bodies and filling their loot bags, they go back to their piratey antics.

Avast! It's time for the older pirates to follow ye olde treasure map to the treasure buried deep within the woods, through fierce obstacles and certain danger. 

Returning triumphant, the pirates take what they can - give nothing back. 

New piratey fashion statements are started by a two year old pirate. 

Yes, today my house was overrun by pirates at our annual Pirate Party. 

We host the Pirate Party to celebrate our fourth child's birthday, to get together with friends and have fun, and to raise money and gift cards for a local charity that helps give families in need in our community the peace of mind of that comes with being provided with both necessities such as food and winter clothing and holiday gifts for all family members during the holiday season - the best treasure in the world! 


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