Some days I wish that Calgon could REALLY take me away.

Picture it ... you're having a rough day. You draw yourself a nice, steamy bubble bath, using Calgon, of course. You climb in, utter the words, "Calgon, take me away" and are whisked to a hammock on a tropical island where you every need and want is anticipated and met.

Sounds lovely. Amazing. Enchanting.

Until you realize that should you be whisked away from your bathtub, you'd not be wearing any clothing. This could be problematic, but easily remedied by wearing a bathing suit in the bath - then you'd be ready for life on the beach. But what if, instead of a tropical paradise, Calgon took you away to Alaska in the dead of Winter. You might freeze to death in just a bathing suit - and soaking wet from your bath.

Be careful what you wish for.

And never post on a double-dose of tramadol, or this is what you get. 


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