Change of Plans...

I lay in bed contemplating whether or not to go back to sleep or to get up. I was Calling In Sick after all. Then the decision was made for me.

The phone rang.

And just like that, I was propelled from my bed, took my meds, got dressed and was out the door. After a short drive, I arrived and was greeted by a happy, but somewhat confused two-year-old Miss M and her Mama. Mama was clearly giddy with anticipation, yet trying to prepare herself for possibly another false alarm. Mama showered while I entertained Miss M, who had decided to collect all the shoes she could find, since Mama told her to find her shoes. 

Daddy's arrival home further confused Miss M, but she gave cheerful hugs and kisses and watched them drive off from the back seat of my car. After a ride full of "Look at THAT!"s and "See Haley? See Alia? See Lola? See Garci?"s we did a little Big Sister Day shopping before making our way to my house.

Duplos, coloring, and blowing bubbles filled the rest of the morning. 

A lunch of watermelon, pretzels with sunbutter, and carrots with hummus was followed by Miss M gladly climbing into bed for stories and a nap.

What would Big Sister Day be without cupcakes? Z baked the gluten-free cupcakes during naptime and we all had fun icing and eating them for snack once Miss M was awake. 

Then outside to slide, inside to do crafts, outside to blow bubbles, inside to play a game of hide and get your picture taken (invented by Alia just today), and finally inside for dinner.

Bath taken, we cuddled bed for stories, then time for bed - but first we send a bedtime photo and some love to Miss M's Mama and Daddy.

And then the news arrived! Little Sister was born weighing 10lbs 7oz and Mama and Baby (and Daddy, too) are doing fabulous!!! Big Sister was sleeping when the announcement came, but shortly after, in her sleep, said, "Whoa! It's a baby!"

Big Sister M will be overjoyed to hear the news in the morning - and to see Mama and Daddy and Baby Sister, too!

This day has been so much better than the Sick Day I had planned. 

Welcome earthside, Baby M! We're so glad you're here!


  1. hooray Little Maggie! hooray Little Megan! you are an amazing woman, Amanda. no doubt about it. love, Heidi


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