Thrift Store Thursday: Random Insanity

Welcome to another Thrift Store Thursday! Today's post is brought to you by total randomness. 

The first item is the Tap-Tap Nagelspiel. I was particularly attracted to this beauty just because of its' name. Who on Earth could resist something called Tap-Tap Nagelspiel? I ended up having to pass on this wonderful toy, as I walk barefoot around my house and didn't want Nagelspiel to become a swear word should one of the tiny nails become embedded in my foot.

Next is good ol' Toucan Sam in the form of a small pitcher, which I would guess would hold the milk to put on your banned-in-other-countries cereal. I'm not really sure I'd be keen on a toucan puking milk onto my cereal even if I did eat petroleum o's.  

The next treasure was not one, but TWO pair of these b.i. GEAR slouch socks from the 80's, new in package, originally sold by Bradlees, according to the yellowed tag. They may be 30 year old socks, but they're comfy!!! (Yes, I bought both pairs!)

And last, but certainly not least, was the deal of the century. AS SEEN ON TV!!! A Flowbee for the low, low price of $39.99. Who couldn't use a Precision Home Haircutting System??? Unfortunately it wasn't in my budget that day. Perhaps my new short hairstyle could have benefited from such a rad product. 

Until the next thrifting trip...


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