Guest Post: Walk of the Storm Drain

Guest post by Alia Steyer, age 5. 

The other day we went for a walk. We looked down all the storm drains to see how much water was in them, how fast the water was going, or if there was just mud. 

The farther down the street we got, the less water was in the storm drain. Then something unusual happened -toward the end of the street, there was more water than in the middle part of the street.

We went up the hill and got to the end of the street. We all touched the STOP sign. 

On the way back, we looked in the drains on the other side of the road. The results of our survey were the same with more water at the ends of the road than in the middle. 

I think that the water traveled faster through the middle of the street than at the ends and it didn't go really fast at the end of the street so looked like more water. 

[Blog hosts's note: This is what you get when you combine a very bright child with a touch of OCD, homeschooling, and Alia's love of anything that could possibly be scientific. This "storm drain survey" took place on what started as an ordinary walk from our house to the end of our street - not a huge distance, but it took 45 minutes, as Alia insisted we thoroughly inspect each storm drain.]


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