Captured Moments

Of the hundreds of photos from my children's childhoods, there are a probably only a few dozen that capture my heart. These captured moments show what the people in them are made of. Going through pictures of our early parenting years, I realized two things...
The first was that those days were my father's early grandparenting years as well. 

He is such an excellent grandfather. The look of adoration on his face when we watches his grandkids do just about anything is priceless. That twinkle in his eye betrays his still-youthful spirit. Papa has been a resting place for our kids heads and their hearts from the time they were tiny, our littlest still settling into his lap during worship. 

The second was that my husband had a lot of hair. I may or may not have fallen for his long hair before I fell for him. He's been shaving his head for five years now and looking at those pictures seems like it was a lifetime ago. I suppose it was Alia's lifetime ago, as he shaved his head when she was four months old.

To this day, my husband continues the tradition of fun and silly set forth by his grandfather, Pappy. I have to say that my kids have definitely inherited his sense of humor and quick wit. I love his spontaneity and ability to construct armor... or racing helmets? ...  out of just about anything. 

I do have to admit - in these three photos of my husband, it's not so much the long hair that makes him sexy to me (although it doesn't hurt a bit), it's the joy in his face, the fun he's obviously having, and the genuine love and care for his children that makes him so appealing. 

With great gratitude, I look forward to many more walks down memory lane, and more discoveries of precious moments like these preserved in a single image that speaks volumes.


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