Gray Day Blues

Bleary eyed, even after coffee and a shower, I sit, waiting for energy with which to tackle the day. A cat, sacked out next to me, seems to be having the same rainy-day issues as I. It's difficult to get moving on these days, and there have been too many lately. Gray, gloomy, damp, stormy - my joints and my emotional state don't appreciate this at all. My to-do list is long, my energy in short supply. 

Looking over my to-do list once more, and excitement fills me. Just look at these blessed things on my list:

Passports - who would have imagined just a couple months ago that I'd be planning for a trip to Israel in February of next year? Camp - less than three weeks away, and we're all incredibly excited!!!!!! (I was informed by the child reading over my shoulder that camp requires at least six exclamation points, so please excuse the over-enthusiasm.) I suppose I could do without the need to call the phone company or pay the water bill, but feel blessed that I may be able to lower my phone bill and that we have the money in the bank to pay our water bill, which somehow always manages to sneak up on me. Blessings abound in that list. Having the physical ability to tackle such a list brings tears to my eyes. 

And so I pick myself up and plant my feet firmly on the floor, ready to tackle the day. Instead of railing against the rain, perhaps we'll instead take this opportunity for some puddle jumping and be thankful that all this moisture will make for a wonderful wild mushroom season. 

But first, I'll go to the kitchen and beg my husband for another cup of coffee. A change in attitude doesn't change the horrible night of sleep I with which I was gifted last night. 


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