Limitless Possibilities

She dances as she thinks. Unbridled. Free. She is connected to everything, everyone, to energy and creativity and love and God and infinity.

He speaks. Passionately. Intently. He is sly and wise and adorable and cuddly. He is love unencumbered.

She follows her heart in fearless determination, and wears it on her sleeve. A natural explorer, she approaches new things with excitement and confidence.

He embodies love and compassion, is a young man of ideas and inspiration. A well-honed sense of humor and quick wit to back it up.

He lives in many worlds - in games, his own head, books, real life. He is creative in his unique artwork and in the tales he weaves. He doesn't let a label define his capabilities or possibilities for his life.

My children. Children who defy labels and diagnoses and DNA. One has obsessive-compulsive tendencies, two have Aspergers, one clinical depression and one as-of-yet-undiagnosed joint and energy issues. You could say each has limitations, but don't say it in front of them. If you did, they probably wouldn't believe you anyway. They use their powers for good, after all.

Ocd girl has always had to do everything herself. From the earliest age, if you did something for her that she thought she could do, she'd undo and redo it until she got it right. I've never seen an eighteen month old so intent on the silverware basket of the dishwasher being arranged just so or a five year old who can tell you at just about any point in time where everyone is, what they are doing, and where you can find just about any object in the house.

Aspie the younger learns everything he can about everything that interests him (dinosaurs, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, etc.) and talks and talks and talks about all he has learned. These things, these facts and figures, don't just fill his mind, they fill his being and become his world.

Joint issue girl has spent her life working around her pain and fatigue while passionately achieving her dreams. When she was younger, she wanted to learn to ride a horse and saved and raised enough money to do so. Now she's passionate about travel and spiritual pursuits, and is combining her passion for gluten-free baking and tending to children to help realize her dream. She doesn't believe in limitations to what one can accomplish.

Depression boy has turned his understanding of deep feelings into a deep compassion for others, and a deep love for all whom he holds dear. He seems to sense in others just what they need at that moment, from a hug to a joke to one raucous game or another. His gentleness, generosity of spirit, and amazing sense of humor ... along with his gorgeous blue eyes ... draw people to him. He is comforter, supporter, encourager, and spirit-lifter. 

Aspie the older, although quiet and seemingly unwilling to engage much of the time, can carry on an amazing conversation when he's in the mood. He's not one to be touched, but you can see his heart melt whenever you hand him a baby. He lives much of his life in his head, and when he puts his world on paper, amazing stories and images emerge. He is brilliant, this child, he just tucks his light deep within himself, choosing to share it only when he's at ease and feels the need. 

Within all children lie limitless possibilities. No matter what label they have, that label is not them. It tells you something about them, but does not define who they are or what they can or cannot accomplish. Within all children lie limitless possibilities.


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