Rainy Day Painting Party


Outside, rain falls in sheets. Inside, drying off after welcoming guests, I sit, listening to a choir of giggling girls. They are creating works of art that will become a part of our lives, as they cover the walls of Haley's bedroom with a mural of their own design. Her eleventh birthday a week and a half away, Haley chose painting as her party's theme. Girls only. What a perfect activity for a rainy day!

They descend the stairs in search of snacks, which immediately get put on hold to play with cats. Finally, snacks in hand, they return to the room full of tubes and bottles of paint and all sorts of sizes and designs of paintbrushes, and let their creativity loose. I'm not sure who's more excited - the painters, or the Mama sitting at her computer, curious as to what wonderful things are going on upstairs, but wanting to let the girls have their space and their fun. 

The other half of the bedroom, if memory serves, was painted ten years ago by 1-4 year old children, then touched up and added to by grown-ups to make a nice fairy-tale-ish themed mural.  Haley, one of those 1 year olds at the time, was covered in (non-toxic, washable kid's) paint by the time they were done. Ten years ago. It's difficult to believe.

Emerging yet again, it's time for Dee's gluten-free cupcakes and the unwrapping of gifts. The delight on everyone's faces is priceless. When asked how things are going, I am informed that no one is allowed to see until they are done with their work. 

Daddy and siblings arriving home, the girls sprint up the stairs and close the door, banishing the curious onlookers, especially the ones who try to sneak up the stairs for a peek.

Mothers trickle in, arriving to take their artists home. Finally allowed to see the masterpiece - and the mess - it is evident that fun was had by all. 


So many parts of this mural are my favorites - from the unicorn-drawn carriage going over a bridge to the giant tree with an interesting story, to the love and the handprints and the magic that's found everywhere. But my most favorite part is the echo of giggles and joy-filled voices I'll hear every time I look at this marvelous work of art. 


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