Seeing Red

The wind billowed red tapestries of assorted patterns and hues as we wound red yarn around our wrist or ankle and expressed gratitude once again for something in our lives. Connected to each other by this thread and in our thankfulness for things the size of Love to the tiniest chia seed, our formal time together ended, and feasting began.

In this Circle, we share our selves, or ideas, our hopes, our joys, and our pain. We gather to support each other; discuss life's tapestry; explore our feelings, thoughts, motives, desires, and needs; and connect with each other in a calm, loving atmosphere. We laugh. We cry. We give and we receive. We nourish our spirits with friendship and our bodies with good, good food. 

In our Red Tent, our girls come and go throughout the discussion, hopefully taking in some of what we're saying and storing it in their hearts. Today's topic is gratitude, and as I sit, listening to those around me share amazing things, my heart overflows with gratitude for these women, this place, this sacred time together.

Later, at home, I send two girls to bed, red yarn-encircled ankles and all, and once again my heart brims over in thanks for life's blessings, big and small - today, most of all, the connections between the women in my life, big and small. 


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