One of Those Weeks

It's not been one of those days, it's been one of those weeks. One of those weeks when nothing seems to go right, when you can't seem to complete any major task and few minor ones. When the kids seem particularly ornery, even though it's most likely you that's overly ornery. 

Rain, lack of sleep due to carpal tunnel issues and too many happy supplements (no, not those happy supplements, just good old B2, B6, B12, and D3 ... LOTS of them, as prescribed by my healthcare providers) have all ganged up on me, and beat my emotional state to a pulp. 

I know the likely antidote or antidotes, so I shall write myself a prescription and do my best to stick with it:

1. Get. out. of. the. house. First to a breastfeeding support meeting (I first typed beastfeeding, which is also accurate at times); then for a massage, to apply for passports, and a visit to my grandmother on Friday; and then to a wonderful Red Tent Women's Circle on Saturday. 

2. Go forth in Gratitude. I need to take time each day, especially when things aren't going well, to fill my heart with gratitude for the bounty of love and beauty and good things that surrounds me. How timely that the topic of the Women's Circle is just that - gratitude! Each time I find myself getting frustrated or discouraged, I will stop, take a deep breath, and breathe out prayers of gratitude over all around me. 

3. Church. First, Coffee and Conversation, a wonderful prelude to worship, during which I get to converse with other adults about things other than parenting little ones and all that entails. Then a brief choir rehearsal, worship, and coffee hour. Just what I need to refresh my soul.

4. Family. It just so happens to be Father's Day on Sunday, complete with a gathering at my parents' house and my mom's delectable lasagna. It will be great to have some good food and good conversation with loved ones. 

Calmness wafts over me as I write this - anxiety over my overly busy week diminishes. I pray for a full night of quality sleep and a better attitude tomorrow than I had today. And I pray that we all weather this week with grace and mercy and find peace amongst the chaos that is life. 


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