Thrift Store Thursday: Epidemic

There's been an epidemic at my local thrift store for quite a while now. You can't help but notice if you go anywhere near the men's section. They all but leap out at you. 

This is dangerous for our family, because my husband was infected with this particular strain years ago, and it's just gotten worse over time. At first the symptoms were subdued and fairly subtle. Over the years they've grown to epic proportions. It's difficult not to notice that he's infected, especially on the days he adds to the insanity with tye die AND plaid. 

It is this - the Hawaiian shirt. Not just your average, run of the mill Hawaiian shirt, but the overly bright, graphic, and sometimes themed Hawaiian shirt. 

Specimen 1: Parrots in Paradise

Specimen 2: 80's Neon Hawaiian Holiday

Specimen 3: Rockin' Aloha

If only you could have experienced these in person. They were totally radical, dude!


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