Take Two

Around six months ago I started taking Enbrel to treat my psoriatic arthritis. It did wonders for my hands, wrists, feet, ankles, and knees, but it didn't touch my back and my chest decided to get in on the action. Treatment take two: I start Remicade infusions on Friday.

In the last few days, off all PsA meds in preparation for starting the new med, I've been going downhill fairly quickly. Hand pain has returned, though thankfully not full force. My energy levels have plummeted. My insomnia has returned. Downward spiral take two.

With increased pain levels due to spondylitis in my back, new and intense chest pain, and returning pain in my extremities, my rheumatologist can only suggest an increase in my pain medication. Tramadol: take two!


  1. Best of luck on your new course of medication. I hope Remicade works for you. I might be moving on to Rituxan from Orencia. I would love for all of us to be better!


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