Deep Breaths

Today is one of those days when I need to remember to breathe. A stressful phone call this morning from the bank, a body that isn't cooperating with my to-do list, and the mountain of thought and effort it's taking to plan for vacation and camp are conspiring to cause great amounts of stress.

Usually I'd remind myself to take deep breaths and trust that everything would work out. In fact, I did  just that and nearly fell over from the pain. It's amazing that when your brain is going a mile a minute thinking about someone basically robbing you of close to a thousand dollars, you can forget about the arthritis in your chest as you're trying to calm yourself down. 

So, no deep breaths for me. Lots of printing off of bank statements and account histories. Copious highlighting. Plenty of praying. A tad bit of swearing under my breath. And anyone who knows me well knows that there was dish washing in there somewhere. Not that I have OCD or anything. Nope. Not me. 

What I want to know is what Groupon deal did the person pay over $300 for? If it's a "weekend getaway," I could use it right about now. And who the heck spends hundreds of dollars at the UPS store? Nearly $50 in chocolate I can understand. In fact, if I had a functioning bank card, I'd splurge on one form of chocolate or another tonight - but alas, there's a stop on my card so whomever-it-is can't indulge in anymore spending at my expense. 

Instead of further stressing, I'm going to instead orchestrate getting-ready-for-a-sleepover cleaning and hope I have enough time after sorting things out with the bank tomorrow morning to stop and treat myself to some chocolate...


  1. So sorry. I had this happen right before Christmas, so I do understand. Someone booked a $1200 flight to Panama on my card! Hang in there. The fraud departments are usually very amicable and helpful. I feel your pains, emotional and physical. ;) Stress really does a number on us.


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