That's Entertainment

Grown-ups tend to want to be entertained. We watch tv, we get on facebook, we play games online. We go to sporting events, concerts, and other events where there are people to entertain us. 

Kids - they're a different story. Take today for example: the kids in my household entertained themselves in all sorts of ways without anyone else doing anything to entertain them.

Miss M spent twenty minutes laughing hysterically while playing with a pool noodle. Her face lit up as it made contact with the wall, a person, or herself. She shrieked with joy when she figured out how to spin it. She beamed with the other kids commented on the fun she was having.

Miss A and Miss F spent part of the day in a box. They were cats and it was their bed. One was Alice and had outgrown the house she was in. It was their own universe, full of infinite possibilities. 

The kids ventured outside and found frogs and salamanders. 

They worked industriously on lego creations for a contest and essays to go with them.

Conversations between children and cats, imaginary beings, and God abounded. 

When was the last time you did something just for the fun of it? Something childish - not something a grown-up would usually do? 

Give it a try. You might just experience more fun than you have in a long time.


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