A Rainbow In Somebody's Cloud

"Each one of us has a chance to be a rainbow in somebody's cloud." ~Maya Angelou

With eloquence and humor, Maya Angelou put into words what I've carried in my heart all of my life. "Each one of us has a chance to be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud." With a simple hello, we can brighten someone's day. With a complement or a helping hand, we not only give joy to others, but to ourselves in the process. A kind word holds the potential to radically change a person's life for the better. Adding a little light to someone's day can form a rainbow of hope in their cloudy perspective on life.

Listening to Maya Angelou's words, a rainbow of faces flashed across my mind - the myriad people throughout my life who were rainbows in my cloud.

Some of my earliest memories are of Tina Delmonico, who lived in the three family house we lived in in Ansonia, CT during the first few years of my life. My three-year-old mind recorded the delight in Tina's face when my sister and I would show up on her doorstep hoping for a pizelle or a walk to her garden. Tina, always happy to see us and share her world with us, was a rainbow in my cloud.

Mrs. D, my middle school music teacher, private lesson piano teacher, and mom to my best friend was a rainbow in my cloud. She saw and brought out the best in every one of her students. She was perhaps the first adult in my life who I felt really saw me as a person, not just a child. She helped me to feel that it was ok for me to be myself instead of trying to be who I thought others wanted me to be. Jeanne D'Angelo's genuineness and acceptance of everyone for how they were made her a source of great inspiration, and a rainbow in my cloud.

I once knew a little girl who loved singing, reading, and Bob Ross. We would spend hours reading, playing, and having fun. To her, I was babysitter and friend. To me, she was a reason to get up every morning. During the darkest times of my teenage years, she was my reason to live. She is now a beautiful, intelligent, witty young woman who, incidentally, still loves Bob Ross. Rachel visited not too long ago - a 24 year old introducing me to Alex, a wonderful young man who seems to love her very much and is not scared off by her sense of humor, part of which she inherited from me. The realization that my "test child" trained me so well to be the mother I am today, as well as the fact that she remains in my life and is always in my heart is a rainbow in my could. 

Years ago I met this guy who loved me despite my mental and emotional baggage, who accepted me for who I was and helped me to realize the value I held inside. He seemed thankful that I kinda sorta stalked him for a couple weeks before introducing myself. He wore crazy pants - I mean honestly, no one taking themselves seriously would wear these pants. He found me sexy at a size 8 and continues to find me sexy at 20+ ... which may explain the five children we've had together. That I only need to look into the deep pools of blue that are his eyes to experience his love for me is a constant rainbow in my cloud. 

During the past couple months I've realized just how many people, from those I hold dear to complete strangers, are rainbows in my cloud every single day. From family members and friends being there to meet my needs during recent stresses in life to a youtube video posted in a blog I frequent, my life is full of rainbows. I feel blessed to be able to see the world through rainbow colored glasses - and to hopefully be a rainbow in someone else's cloud every once in a while. 

Who in your life is a rainbow in your cloud? 


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