Prelude to a Bath

Looking at the two wee bairns, it was clear they needed a bath. Hair tangled, smudges of dirt and marker on various parts of their bodies, they proved quite content with their state and quite resistant to the idea of a good scrubbing.

Inspiration struck and the scene was set. A glass of water, two paintbrushes and a palette of paint adorned the bathtub floor. Pieces of thick paper graced the walls of the bath surround. The invitation to a bathtub painting soiree was graciously accepted. Soon the artists were at work, minus their clothing, adorning not only their papers, but the bathtub and themselves. 

Masterpieces finished, the artists melted into a bathtub full of bubbles. Hair "massage" and rinsing done, the girls luxuriated in the foamy water until it turned cold. Emerging from the bathroom draped in towels, teeth chattering, they seemed to not notice that they just took a bath.


  1. I love this!! Just thinking we need to get a bath schedule going, as Fi can be quite resistant! So, perhaps bath-art night.... ;)


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