How to Choose Your Mate (according to a 4 year old)

A photo essay by Alia with Mama's help. Most of the pictures taken by Alia.

Make sure he's a Fun Guy.

Bring him to a house containing at least five kids and two cats, one of which stares at him from the stairs. A cat, not a kid. 

Get talked into a game of chess by the four year old - points if he helps you not get beaten by the four year old. 

More points if he then plays a game of chess with the six year old and feels slightly guilty for winning. 

Lots of points for his sense of humor. (Why do some melons have to get married in a church? Because they -->)

A zillion points for everyone being able to tell how much he loves you by the way he looks at you, even when you're not looking at him.

Extra points for being polite, cleaning up after himself, and making sure you left with all of your stuff before you even thought about it.


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