Each year I make a "vision board" which contains words and images that inspire me to manifest those things in my life. During the first few years of having a vision board, I'd actively work toward the goals pictured and would often get frustrated in the process. Amazing things have happened since I've let go of trying and instead opened myself to the possibility of the things on my board weaving themselves into the fabric of my life. 

This is my vision board for this year:

An odd array of pictures, but they make sense to me! 

We're nearly halfway through the year and despite the hurdles I've had with my health, things are going pretty well. At the very least have a healthy attitude toward life. I'm playing more - both with the kids and just doing things I enjoy doing for fun. I'm giving - little bits here and there as we can - and in fun and exciting ways sometimes ... little things sent to friends in the mail, sharing fundraiser information on facebook for things my family isn't involved in but are good causes. A 12 passenger van seems to now be in our future and will hopefully be joining our family within a month. I have bumper stickers at the ready. I'm resting more. I'm doing more. I'm being creative. I still struggle with the stinkin' orangey flowers. My house is cleaner, and it's no longer a horrid chore to keep it that way. I'm growing spiritually and will return to that green place again this Summer. I'm looking at life and all it has to offer with eyes of love. Ok, most of what it has to offer...there's the whole orangey flower thing. 

Looking at this vision board every day is a wonderful reminder of how I want to live my life, not just the things I want to move toward or invite into my life. 

What would / have you put on your vision board? 


  1. I need a vision board! And I love yours - it gives me good vibes just to see it. :)


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