Sporadic Artie Says

Sproadic Artie had a lot to say this past week. Perhaps I should have listened just a little better.

Sporadic Artie says, "Hey, it's time to make your neck a little stiff. I've been going easy on you and you need a reminder of what it's really like to have PsA."

Ok, ok, I'll cancel my meeting and take it easy. Well, as easy as possible wrangling seven kids and doing housework and...and...and...

Sporadic Artie says, "You should be taking it easy, you know. Perhaps more pain and less range of motion will give you the idea." 

But...but I NEED to get two kids to camp physical appointments and then we're going to the theater to see Anything Goes. Mostly a lot of sitting, so it shouldn't be that taxing.

Sporadic Artie says, "You're not listening. How about no movement in the neck, and increased pain there and in your shoulders? And maybe one knee just for kicks."

I get it. And I'm getting myself to the emergency room because this is excruciating. Not exactly the "alone time" I was hoping for today. 

Sporadic Artie says, "I realize you're on lots of fancy drugs now, but don't forget I'm still around!"

It's Mother's Day - I'm going to take my lovely meds and enjoy myself.

You don't even need to say anything. I know. I know. I'm going to my acupuncture appointment this morning and then spending the rest of the day in bed. 

Sporadic Artie says, "I'm still heeeeeere! Take THAT! And that! And T H A T!"

I know. I'm taking it easy. I WILL be going to Tuesday Night Sunday School and choir tonight, though. Please cooperate. I promise I'll take it easy.

Sporadic Artie says, "Perhaps I'll take it easy on you today. We'll see."

I'll go to the bank and make a quick trip to the grocery store. Then I'll rest. And find balance. Please be kind. Friday is almost here. I'm taking it easy. Really. See?

Sporadic Artie says, "Well, I took it easy on you yesterday, but I didn't say anything about last night! How was that for you?"

*grumble* *sob* *moan*


You do realize what tomorrow is, don't you? It's Remicade Day!


Now I just need to make it until 11AM tomorrow. And somehow ignore the wreck my house has become over the past week so as to not completely overdo it today. Perhaps I'll just spend the day in bed. The housework can wait. My health cannot. 


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