Dear Newly Minted Fifteen Year Old,

It is time again for the obligatory embarrass the teenager mushy blog post professing my great love for you ... or for just being goofy ... or a little of both. Thanks for the great photos I've been able to get of you, by the way. They're very helpful to this post. 

There is no way you are fifteen years old. That would make me ...... old .... and I'm not that old. It would also make you oh so very close to sixteen years old, and to consider the ramifications of such a thing is just insane. 

Where did the time go? Are you some sort of time-sucking alien being who makes the years go by much more quickly than they used to? Before you were born, time didn't pass nearly as quickly. In fact, I quite vividly remember the two weeks before you were born feeling like they took longer than fifteen years since your birth. 

You are growing into quite a taller than me young man, which I didn't think would ever happen considering how insanely short you were for most of your life. Then again, being taller than me is no huge feat. You are also growing into quite an impressive young man - your love for your siblings radiates through the cracks of your teenage countenance; your sense of humor befits both the Steyer and Talbot sides of the family; your skill at remembering things is nearly unbelievable, but I have a feeling that my lack of being able to remember things might just be directly correlated to your ability to remember the tiniest of details. 

Happy FIFTEENTH Birthday, Alexander! Next year we start counting backwards. 

I love you!


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