Last Firsts

There was a last first in our family today. 

When you have kids, life is full of firsts ... their first step, their first word, their first wiggly tooth. Having five kids, we've gone through firsts times five.

Today something hit me when our youngest lost her first tooth. 


She's the last of the kids to have a first time losing a tooth. She was the last one of my kids to take her first steps, to say her first word, and so many other things. While she was having these other firsts, I wasn't thinking about how they were the last firsts. I have to admit it's a bit bittersweet. 

At the same time our eldest just turned Fifteen - a year away from the possibility of a driver's license. Perhaps our first to drive, to get a job, to move out. Crazy, thinking driving lessons and baby teeth all in the same moment. 

How many firsts are already behind us? How many await us? The children are all growing up much too quickly. Time is slipping quickly and quietly past. 

But oh, the joy in that moment and in all those other last firsts. I'll continue to enjoy them as they come. 


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