Kicked Out

My husband kicked me out. 

He put a bag of food and my purse in the car and sent me on my way. No kids. Just me. Kicked out of my own house. 

So I went to church and left the food there, putting the cold food in the fridge and leaving the other food on the counter with a note indicating why it was there. 

Seeing as I hadn't yet had coffee, I decided to head next door to get some, and paid for the car behind me as well. Why not add a bit of cheer to someone else's day?

Not knowing what to do with myself, I headed to the only logical places - the liquor store for bourbon and the thrift store to just look around and pass some time.

Too soon, my son was on the phone telling me I could come home. My husband did as much of his project- a Christmas gift for me - as he could manage before needing to make dinner. Joining my family for dinner, a movie, and lots of laughter, I was able to relax knowing that should the impending snowstorm stop me from making it to church, my food contribution for coffee hour was safely tucked away in the church kitchen; I had the ingredients necessary for making of our traditional holiday bourbon balls during the storm; and that my husband loves me so much he's undertaking the making of something that's taking him hours and hours of work.

And since he didn't finish making my gift, he's just going to have to kick me out of the house again. Perhaps I'll treat myself to a movie next time...


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