Awake! Awake

It must be the lack of sleep. Last night seemed endless - both myself and a child awake with too much pain. Restless sleep led to restless mind, and I find myself grasping for firm ground, trying not to sink into the darkness that threatens to smother my weary self.

Entering the sanctuary, I find it difficult to catch my breath, to find my center. Longing for something I just can't get a handle on, I do my best to settle into my seat. 

And then the words penetrate my mind, my heart, my soul, hitting me at my core, planting my spirit firmly in God. 
Awake, Awake, and meet the new morn, for angels herald its dawning. Sing out your joy, for soon he is born, behold, the child of our longing.
On this fourth Sunday of Advent; on the morning after the longest night; just two days before Christmas Eve I long for light, and for the Light, to come. to heal the broken soul and hymns of loving kindness...
Ah, yes, the music - the music, especially of this season, to heal my soul, to brighten my spirit with words of compassion and love. 
Rejoice, rejoice, take heart in the night, though dark the winter and cheerless, the rising sun shall crown you with light; be strong and loving and fearless. Love be our song and love our prayer and love our endless story; may God fill every day we share and bring us at last into glory. 
After this, the longest Solstice night, my soul needed to be awakened. Images of the rising sun set before me to remind me that the daylight that feeds my mood will only get more plentiful, and of the Son whose birth brings great and bountiful Light to nourish my spirit.

[ Quotes from Awake! Awake, and Greet the New Morn by Marty Haugen]


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