I'm being held captive by a newly minted one-year-old. She is asleep on me and I really need to go to the bathroom. So peaceful, I hesitate to disturb her. Sleeping beauty's mom is on her way to pick her up, but I'm unsure as to whether she'll arrive momentarily or when I've reached my maximum threshold. Tempted to call her to check on her eta, instead my attention is abruptly riveted on this suddenly animated little one. Her mouth moves as if she's speaking and her arm waves, hand opening and closing and pointing and gesturing. Her eyebrows spring to life and a smile creeps to her eyes. She becomes my world for these brief moments - all else paling in comparison to this amazing performance. 

My camera is just out of reach - oh, how I want to capture this moment for her Mama! By the time I get the attention of another of the children in my house, there's only time for a few quick photos before she startles herself awake with a loud giggle. I'm now able to hand this precious little one off guilt-free and sprint down the hall. It was close, but so very worth it!

It's difficult for me to believe that this little girl is one year old already, and she's not even mine. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating Big Sister Day. She brings such joy to the world with her mere presence - even when she's sleeping! 

At church this evening, I sat in silence. Silence. It's one of my favorite parts of Evening Prayer. And then the words, the songs, the wonderful music. "Let my prayer rise before you as incense. A lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice." 

As the words flowed from my lips, I was held captive in the flame of the candle before me, in the melody, the words, the communion of voices raised in prayer, in the sacred moment. 

There are moments in life that hold you captive. Replay them in your mind when your precious baby turns into a moody teen or when you need a moment of sanctuary amidst life's struggles. Moments that hold you captive are the stuff of life. Hold on to them. 


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