Faire-y Tale

Lords and Ladies, gather 'round to hear a tale of a glorious day - a day beyond compare - the day a Garden Fairy, the Princess of Hearts, two Knights, and a Wizard sought out the company of the same at a grand Faire. 

Upon arrival at the Faire, the only thing the Garden Fairy wanted to do was Smite the Knight. After a brief conversation with the Dragon, who bestowed on her his blessing and a shiny necklace, she flitted from sparkly vendor to sparkly vendor to scary skull vendor to sparkly vendor, all the time growing more and more anxious to do battle. 

Finally, the moment arrived. 

If only Sir Knight had known the ferociousness of this bright, mirthful fairy.

Sir Coren had a go at a Knight as well. 'Twasn't long until the Knight fell to Coren's sword. 

The Princess of Hearts had some fun of her own. A fierce archer, she got a bullseye after just a few practice arrows. She had her hand at dagger throwing as well. 

Sir Zachary tried his hand at axe throwing and eating a huge serving of chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick.

As we were about to leave, Garden Fairy and Sir Coren stopped to make a little music ... a masterpiece called, "Alia's Etude." 

 And what of the Wizard? He seemed too preoccupied with Magic to enjoy the Faire as much as he could have. We won't hold it against him, as a Wizard's curse best be avoided. 

 And they all lived fairly happily and uncursed through the rest of the day. 


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