A Day to Treasure

Perhaps it was inspired by the tag-sale-scored ship's wheel or the unique configuration of decks behind our house. Maybe it was just because my kids love pirates. However it happened, since Coren's first birthday we've had a Pirate Party at our house every year. 

I'm not sure if the kids have more fun decorating for the party...

dressing up for it...
or spending time with friends the day of the party.

When asked what they like most about the party, some say following the treasure map or the clues...
to dig up treasure (really!) ...

while others more greatly enjoy the treasure itself. 

What I treasure most is sitting, chatting with friends, sipping mulled cider, and watching the joy on the kids' faces as they spend an afternoon living inside the world of their imaginations come to life. It's truly a day to treasure. 


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