Screwing Around

Disclaimer: This is not a typical rannygahoots post. It may contain some questionable subject matter. Or the author of this post may just be losing her mind a little. Or a lot. 

I came to a realization while at my friend Jackie's house for the first time a few weeks ago. A huge realization. You see, my husband had given me directions there from memory, as he'd been there many times before. I realized I never asked him for specifics as to what he was doing when he was over there. He was "helping her out."

When I got home I asked him  and he said he trimmed her bush and filled her hole with wood. Great. Fantastic. Just what I wanted to hear. 

And then there's my friend Renee. He goes to her apartment more frequently than I as well. And when I asked him about that, he was honest about what he does there, using words such as bang, screw, and nail. He even admitted he got into her drawers. 

Confronting Jackie about this, after the gathering at her house was over and everyone had left, she admitted that my husband did, indeed, stop by to "mow her lawn" or do some "gardening" on his way to work every once in a while. 
And Renee - she fully admits it, too! She even sent her drawers home with him so he could screw them here. 

You see, my husband is a very kind, helpful person. Since Jackie's back injury he's helped her out with yard work several times. He has planted trees, filled in a hole in her yard, mowed her lawn, trimmed her shrubs, and other such things. And he has helped Renee put heavy duty hooks in her wall to hold a heavy mirror, put a dresser drawer back together - he took it home in pieces to work on it - installed her air conditioner, and done other things requiring heavy lifting and the use of tools.  

Upon mentioning this to a friend, she was shocked that I'd allow my husband to spend hours alone at another woman's house. I have to admit that I was shocked that she was shocked. I trust my husband, and I trust my friends. It's a simple as that. 

What really shocked me was that you can put just about any household task in quotes and it sounds a bit dirty. I'm off to ask my husband to heat things up and do a little grinding. 

It's called "making coffee."


  1. You have an amazing talent for writing- I enjoy reading your stories and hearing about your family.


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