It is the unexpected things in life that bless us. 

The other day, the predicted minor snowstorm unexpectedly dumped over eight inches of snow - much of it during my Remicade infusion. Needing a ride home from the hospital and not wanting my Dad to brave the elements, I called a cab. 

I knew I liked the driver with the first non-business words that came out of his mouth, "There should be a ban on discussing the election for at least forty-eight hours after the election!"-this in response to an editorial bit on the AM station he was tuned into to listen for weather and traffic reports. I wholeheartedly agreed.  Brian, the cab driver, and I started talking - about the weather, the crazy drivers, and eventually our families and our faith. He's Muslim. I'm Christian. We both pray multiple times a day and read our religious texts daily. We both meditate when we can. We both have five kids, our youngest, daughters, soon to turn four. We spoke of values, of human potential, of kindness, of differences, of sameness. 

As we approached my house, we thanked each other for the conversation, both of us feeling blessed for the surprisingly deep, yet brief dialogue. 

I have his card. Should I again need a ride home, I know who to call. Brian isn't just a cab driver, he's a blessing. 


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