"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." ~Maya Angelou

Sam lived out his life with grace, love, and thoughtfulness. Diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in July, Sam and his family had to make many difficult decisions. Throughout it all they walked with faith, with love, and with each other. 

Treatment failing, they decided for quality of life over quantity - to live and love to the fullest.  They wrapped themselves in God's love,  surrounded themselves with family and friends, and did things that nourish their spirits. They accepted help with gratitude. They bore witness to each others' struggles to come to terms with the reality of one continuing on without the other. They said the things that needed to be said to each other, and had authentic conversations with loved ones as well. 

Sam packed his CaringBridge page with not just medical updates, but words of wisdom, "Wee lessons," and an amazing example of living life to the fullest while expecting death. He reminisced, joked, taught, encouraged, and shared his heart and soul with all. Sam considered it a blessing that he and those he loved had time to remember, together. 

Elizabeth, Sam's wife, shared her faith, strength, vulnerability, and compassion as well as her deep love for her husband and family. It is her words that touched me most during this journey. Yesterday Elizabeth commented that it felt right to have Sam at home while his body was declining because she and Sam considered themselves at home wherever the other was -  and that the most difficult part of all of this was going to be when her home is gone, and all she's left with is a house. 

This morning Sam journeyed to Forever, to Peace, to God ... Home. 

My heart and prayers are with those who continue to celebrate Sam's life while learning to live with the void he left in theirs. May they wrap themselves in the comfort of God's love and in faith that one day we will all be Home together. 


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